“Reflections on motherhood and self-fulfillment”

Re-posting a touching article I just read on Medium. Find it here

What I have learnt in these last few years of emotional turmoil and deep reflection, is that, we cannot find meaning, with or without a child, if one does not first, become as complete a human being as possible. Perhaps being completely self-sufficient is not realistic, given that we humans are social creatures and somehow evolved to depend on one another. However, my observations suggest that we are, as a generation, extremely dependent on external validation, with motherhood being, among the easiest ways of being immediately validated as a woman (the other being postings on social media). Instead, we require society to direct us towards a choice that gives some meaning to our lives, such as careers and/or parenthood.

Which makes me wonder, why do we do what we do? Why do we share the things we write, images we take etc? Asking ourselves these questions constantly is a good practice to make sure that whatever we do is in line with what we truly want, and not out of the expectations external to ourselves.